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 Eating with Confidence.
Chewing is the first step in the process of digestion.

Your denture teeth and your natural teeth are used to reduce the food for swallowing.  You need a certain amount of biting force and muscle coordination to chew effectively.

Large differences exist amongst denture wearers.  Your bite and chewing forces can be reduced when dentures replace natural teeth.  As a consequence to this your eating habits (types of food, amount of food, where you eat, even who you eat with) are affected.  We would like you to enjoy your meal with your dentures being optimised for chewing your food.

It is therefore important that you choose high quality denture teeth that can aid in the digestion process, keeping loss of chewing efficiency to a minimum.

How well you use your tongue and cheeks to manipulate the food particles between teeth also effects how well you chew your food.  Also the production of sufficient amounts of saliva is indispensable for efficient chewing.




    Making a Difference

Eat with Confidence.

Smile with Confidence.

Talk with Confidence.


"The only problem I have is try to eat and smile at the same time"  

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