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 Talking with Confidence.
The better your denture fits your mouth the less likely it is to dislodge when you are talking.

Unstable dentures that move or wobble when you speak can have an effect on your confidence and social life.

If your dentures aren't fitting their best then joining in simple conversions can be a real effort and sometimes a little embarrassing.

We use impact resistant injection moulded plastic for your dentures.

This will improve the fit of your denture and make it more stable and comfortable so you can talk with confidence.

We will be able to produce denture teeth in many shapes that replicate the form and function of natural teeth. 

When positioned correctly in your mouth they will aid speech and look perfectly natural.



    Making a Difference

Eat with Confidence.

Smile with Confidence.

Talk with Confidence.


"I have so much more confidence now when talking to friends"    

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